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An alternative piece out of inquiries asking whether feminine was accustomed HPV

An alternative piece out of inquiries asking whether feminine was accustomed HPV

The newest questionnaire contains step three bits. Region We provided questions from socio-demographic investigation (many years, quantity of studies, parity, familial money, occupation, latest marital updates, sexual hobby, reputation for HPV vaccination, and you will history of abnormal cervical cancer tumors testing).

Area II composed of 6 questions regarding the mark women that should be processed, age to begin with, frequency, ages or standards to prevent away from examination, and techniques out-of tests. Only the professionals who had heard from HPV create go ahead in order to Area III hence examined information about HPV from their particular (oncogenic or non-oncogenic), means off sign and prevention.

Ahead of the studies, the survey off region II and you will area III inside the Thai version was basically contemplated, talked about, and you may modified up to consensus certainly one of 20 boffins who were most of the gynecologic oncologists (some were people various other synchronous degree). The pros rated all of 19 concerns since both ‘relevant’ or ‘perhaps not relevant’. The object-top Content Validity Directory (I-CVI) try computed for every single item, as well as the Stuff Validity List (CVI) was determined by using the typical proportion off 14 questions relating to understanding of cervical cancers testing and you can 5 questions regarding HPV. The latest CVI was in fact 1 both for parts of new survey (S1 Table). The newest accuracy are tested from inside the 31 women with the same characteristic while the participants. Brand new Cronbach’ alpha coefficients toward precision was in fact 0.819 getting information about cervical cancer tumors assessment and you may 0.907 getting knowledge about HPV.

Analysis range

To your big date out of arranged colposcopy, the analysis secretary given recommendations of one’s studies towards women exactly who came across introduction requirements. The ladies just who offered to participate gave written advised agree and you can answered the brand new survey individually themselves before continuing so you can colposcopy.

Data obtained because of it studies was socio-demographic research (Part I of your questionnaire), experience in cervical cancer tumors testing (Region II), and experience in HPV (Region III).

Mathematical research

The new responses of knowledge in the cervical cancer tumors evaluating and HPV was indeed examined from the for each item ahead of rating categorization. Best answer is actually obtained while the step 1 whereas ‘wrong and you can not knowing answer’ are scored 0.

Away from fourteen questions out-of cervical cancer testing, female whoever score have been ? ten was basically arbitrarily categorized while the that have ‘a beneficial knowledge’ normally had been regarded as which have “not good education”. Having expertise in HPV, feminine whoever answer is ‘never ever heard about HPV’ were excluded on study away from HPV studies.

Of 5 issues, women whose get was in fact ? step three had been regarded as having ‘good experience in HPV’ if not because the ‘negative knowledge’. Out-of 19 questions, women whose rating dating kvinder Schweiz were ? 13 have been classified once the with ‘a good total knowledge’ otherwise while the ‘not good total knowledge’.

Every investigation have been collected in the a digital database and you will reviewed using SPSS V.twenty six.0 (SPSS, Inc., il, IL, USA). Descriptive statistics were used to analyze group investigation and you can was in fact summarized once the amounts that have commission, imply which have fundamental deviation or median which have range. The latest association ranging from per changeable and studies rating had been assessed having fun with easy linear regression. Exploratory design is made in the multivariable analysis and all the details probably regarding the information and knowledge get. The latest experienced amount of mathematical advantages is actually a p-value of 0.05 otherwise quicker.


Out of 500 women who met inclusion criteria and were invited to the study, one ong 499 women who responded to the questionnaire about knowledge of cervical cancer and screening (part II) and knowledge about HPV (part II), two did not provide personal information. So demographic data were available in only 497 women (Table 1). The mean age of 497 participants was years (SD ± ). More than half of the participants were aged < 40>

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